Fallout Easter Eggs: TGN’s Ten Best

Today, we’re looking at the best Fallout easter eggs.

With Fallout 4 just around the corner I thought it was a great idea to look back at the previous games in the franchise for just one last time. So today we will be taking a look at, what in our opinion, are the best Fallout easter eggs.


Fallout Easter Eggs: TGN’s Ten Best


10. Stripe the Gremlin

Everybody hates deathclaws, or at least, most people do. There were many times that I came across one of these large, genetically engineered chameleons, and it would end up in a death. But they are not all that big.

In Fallout: New Vegas, if you head over to Higgs Village and walk over to the doghouse, you should find yourself a mini deathclaw with the name ‘Stripe’. This is a reference to the Stripe from “Gremlins”, where Stripe was the evil gremlin that would mess you up. In Fallout, however, he’s not that much of a threat.

9. Joker Quote

The original Fallout was made quite a long time ago but even that one isn’t shy of a few Fallout easter eggs. One of the best Fallout easter eggs is the one where you stand next to a guard in Old Town for a little too long, after which he says, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?Fallout easter eggs”

This is something that the Joker used to say in the first of the Burton-era Batman movies. Does this mean that the guard has a secret second identity? Or did the Joker have to settle for a different career choice other than killing people? I guess we will never find out…

8. Lost Reference

In Fallout 3 if you head over to Megaton and go to Billy Creel’s house, you should be able to find yourself a little safe next to the fridge. To open it you will need to have the “Child at Heart” perk and talk to Maggie about the chest. She initially doesn’t want to tell you, but when she finally does, you figure out that the combination is 15‐16‐23‐42 which is a reference to the “Lost” series where this set of numbers repeatedly came back.

7. Kenny!

Another of the awesome Fallout easter eggs on this Fallout easter eggs list, and this time from the original game. If you head over to the Hub’s police station you should be able to see a character with the name Kenny. This is in reference to “South Park” because if you kill him a message will pop up saying, “Oh my God! They killed Kenny! Those bastards!”

6. Dogs Playing Poker

In Fallout: New Vegas if you head over to the X‐8 Testing facility and go up to the second floor you should be able to find a room where you can see that robot dogs are being schooled. Now that, is pretty weird on its own, but if you were to get the “Wild Wasteland” perk and go back to that same area you can see that the dogs are now being taught to play poker. I guess playing poker is pretty important to surviving in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

5. Deckard’s Gun

While you are playing Fallout: New Vegas anyway, you might also want to visit “Novac” and head over to the shop inside of the giant dinosaur statue. In here you can buy the gun that was used by Rick Deckard in “Blade Runner”.

This gun is extremely powerful as it does up to 43 damage per hit, and has a very high critical hit chance, so it is definitely worth picking up. Oh, and if you do not have any bottle caps, don’t worry, you can wait until night, lock pick the storage door, and then steal the gun, however, this will have an impact on your karma.

4. A Photo Of The Lone Wanderer’s Parents

For this most surprising of Fallout easter eggs, you will need to go to the Vault 21 hotel in Fallout: New Vegas. This hotel is owned by a woman that goes by the name of Sarah. Sarah also has her own room in this hotel, which you can try to picklock and get in. What is so interesting about this room is the photograph that can be found on the wall.

These 2 people are the parents from the character in Fallout 3. So does this mean Sarah is somehow related to your character from Fallout 3? Is it all connected? We don’t really know the answers to all of these but it sure makes you think.

3. Oblivion Reference

If you head over to Big Town and get over to the main road you’ll be able to see quite a lot of these old telephone poles around. One of these telephone poles has quite a special tag on it though because it says: TES‐04. TES stands for The Elder Scrolls and number four… well… it’s number four…

This is an Oblivion reference. Clearly one of the harder to understand Fallout easter eggs.

2. “F*ck You” Door

Well this is definitely the most vulgar of all of our Fallout easter eggs. Don’t you just love exploring the vast wasteland of Fallout 3, searching into every nook and cranny to make sure that you haven’t missed a thing? Well, if you are that sort of person you have probably come across this next thing, which must have giving you a good laugh at least.

There is a door in the rocks very close to the satellite array which if you find it and open it up, you will see a concrete wall with the text, F*ck you”. I guess that is the award you get for exploring too much.

1. Rube Goldberg Machine

While we are talking about Fallout 3, I might as well bring up my favorite of all the Fallout easter eggs right away. It’s the Rube Goldberg Machine that can be found at the Jury Street metro station, and it’s awesome.

When you head over to this station, there will be one small building which, if you enter, it will have some small arrows on the floor pointing towards a button. All you have to do it stand on the button and watch the whole room fall apart. If that wasn’t enough for you, you will also be able to pick up a couple of mini nukes and missiles from the floor that you can use in combat.

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Well, we do hope we listed your favorite Fallout easter eggs on this list, but maybe we missed a few? Let us know all about your favorite Fallout easter eggs in the comments below, or come on over to our YouTube channel join in on the conversation over there!

Thanks for reading, gamers, and we’ll see you in the next one.