Fallout 4 Release: How It Could Fail

With the Fallout 4 release just around the corner, we’re going over how this beloved game could fail.

All the hype surrounding the Fallout 4 release can serve to deflate a particularly wobbly release and turn all the ardent fans ravenous at the drop of a hat. Though we definitely don’t expect that to happen—and we certainly don’t want it to—with the upcoming Fallout 4 release, you can’t deny it’s an ever-present possibility.

So what are some of the reasons that Bethesda’s upcoming RPG juggernaut could fail? Here are our top five reasons how the Fallout 4 release could fail!


Fallout 4 Release: How It Could Fail



5. Visually Disappointing

Bethesda should be applauded for their amazing marketing and efforts to bring the Fallout 4 release to us in such an amazing fashion. However, some people were not impressed at all when it came to the game’s graphics.

Bethesda themselves have even responded to critical feedback directed towards Fallout 4’s graphics, claiming that they’re not worried about them – but should they be? Hell no, but in the 5 years since Fallout‘s last outing in New Vegas, standards have risen dramatically thanks to massive leaps and bounds in graphical capabilities.

This is Bethesda’s first expedition into the new generation but, even more pivotally, their return to the helm of Fallout after Obsidian’s success with New Vegas. More than ever, gamers are hungry for the most insanely detailed and realistic graphics available. Anything less is now often considered to be sub-par. The graphics in this game personally don’t worry us. A lot of people prefer a refined storyline.


4. A Bethesda Release

Bethesda game studios are often linked to two things. Creating massively immersive open-world experiences with immense replayability, all bundled in a setting crafted by the loving hands of true storytellers. And having bugs. Nasty cockroaches and mosquitos buzzing around or you know, actual in-game bugs.

While most fully expect the Fallout 4 release to be a massively immersive experience that will no doubt strain anyone’s relationship, we also expect it to have a few bugs. But with their track record it may just be more than a few – and that could prove a serious concern for both gamer’s sanity and Bethesda’s image.

The scope of Fallout 4 as we know so far is going to massive, with speculation that the map size is 2-3 times larger than Skyrim’s. This obviously can double or triple the possibility of having catastrophic glitches and bugs that were not found during rigorous playtesting.

Here is to hoping any game breaking bugs are a thing of the past and they’ve learned from their previous mistakes. For a game of this size, it’s hard to imagine some bugs not squeezing through, we just hope they’ve learned to reduce the risk of the more dangerous ones.


3. Mod Incompatibility

Another widely acclaimed and much anticipated feature going into the Fallout 4 release is that the console community will now get to experience the primary thing PC players have held over their heads – mods. Whether they seek to make their game as ridiculous as possible, or just enhance the core experience, there will be mods.

Mods are something that is set to give PS4 and Xbox One players a level of customization to the game itself they haven’t seen before. With all this buzz, there’s a potential for disaster that nearly equates the potential for fun.

As previously stated, Bethesda has an unfortunately close working relationship with bugs and glitches. There’s a scary possibility that allowing every player the ability to rampantly modify their game to newly unprecedented levels will only serve to expose this weakness further on an untested platform such as consoles.

Previous non-issues could quickly escalate and characters or the entire game could blow up in smoke. Lets not forget however, that modding is an amazing feature that we’re thankful is finally coming to consoles. But it’s new grounds not only for Bethesda, but for the gaming market as a whole.


2. Over-Characterization

Fallout has always come with a remarkable cast of characters. However, one constant was that the main character never spoke. One of the most notable outcrys from fans currently on the internet is that the main character, whether you choose a male or female, will have a voice. This is a first in a Fallout game; the character you play has a voice.

Todd Howard explained that their main anxiety with doing a voiced character was finding the right voices, but are confident in the two they have chosen with over 13,000 lines of dialogue recorded in a span of 2 years. Fans of the series, and people in general, are typically not very open to change, but the Fallout 4 release looks to change that.

Many players feel the way the character sounds, should be left inside the player’s imagination and that character speaking limits the depth of dialogue. When the inevitable mod quests come, having to go from voices lines to unvoiced lines may take away from the mods experience.

This is a big topic many fans will continue to argue about until the Fallout 4 release. Here’s to hoping Bethesda got the voicing done not just right, but perfect, because every gamer has an ideal voice they can imagine.


1. The Story Falls Short Of Expectation

Oh, the storyline! We’re getting butterflies just thinking about it. Technically bugs, but good bugs. Bethesda has a masterful touch when it comes to subtly sowing the seeds of storytelling and building a world in a more gentle, coercive fashion.

They don’t simply shove the information into your face or directly tell you it, they scatter it throughout the world. Meaning the keen-eyed, thoughtful player will be more prepared than he or she realizes for what is to come.

Boston is a monument to this ability. There’s more interfactional drama and brooding tensions in that particular section of post-war America, than arguably any other land we’ve ventured to date. There’s a lot of ripe, fertile ground for Bethesda to reap the rewards of.

The truly knowledgeable player knows this already, meaning they have very lofty expectations for the Fallout 4 release. Bethesda must use every seed they have previously planted and sprout it into a full and glorious life, or they risk falling short of their loyal fans expectations.

 – – – – – – – -

We don’t expect them to forget anything, but with the sheer scope of the world they’ve built, even Bethesda may let one or two things unfortunately slide in the Fallout 4 release. Fallout 4 is on the very top of our list of games. However, we can’t be blind fans throwing money around without looking at things objectively.

These were a few things loyal fans have some worries about, but we wish Bethesda all the success in proving all of these points wrong and bringing home the title of Game of the Year with the upcoming Fallout 4 release.

If you have any concerns about the game yourself, feel free to express them in the comments section below, and stay tuned for TGN’s YouTube channel for more great gaming content.