Fallout 4 News: The Best Updates

As we trudge slowly, yet surely closer to that all important November 10th release date, many gamers are wildly grasping for any inkling of some Fallout 4 news.

If you’re keeping yourself in the dark out of choice, more power to you – in fact, we envy your willpower. But for those of you who can’t, we’ve got the best collection of Fallout 4 news for you!


Fallout 4 News: The Best Updates


10. V.A.T.S. Is Slightly Different

One of the more interesting tidbits of Fallout 4 news is that V.A.T.S. no longer possesses the uncanny ability to stop the flow of time, but merely slows it to a crawl. How dramatically this will effect gameplay is yet to be seen, but it’s clear that Bethesda is aiming to make players more active in their play-styles, by putting the pressure to act on them.

Even if that pressure is minimal, as the V.A.T.S. will still assure that bullets are brought to a snail’s pace. If nothing else, the lazier among us can no longer use it as an impromptu pause button.


9. The Pipboy Is Now A Gameboy

In the rare occurrence that you find yourself bored as you tread the deadened lands of a world ravaged by nuclear war, Bethesda has some good Fallout 4 news for players. The creators of the Pipboy seem to be well ahead of Sony and Microsoft, as they’ve included a form of backwards compatibility into their wrist-mounted device.

Now you can play some arcade classics in your downtime. Red Menace appears to be a rendition of the old barrel-chucking Donkey Kong game, and Atomic Command seems to be a take on Missile Command, where you defend yourself against oncoming warheads. Just make sure you don’t get too enthralled with these games. We doubt the raiders will go easy on you just because you’re about to complete a level.


8. A New Perk System

In a bid to further expand upon the already massive variety of builds you can adopt in Fallout, Bethesda has implemented a perk system that gives you more choices than ever before.

This new perk system, according to the latest Fallout 4 news, more heavily revolves around your stats. Players that choose to place more weight on certain stats, will now have more perks to play around with because of it. With 270 perks in total at a rate of one per level, that’s nothing to scoff at. Build variety seems to be something Fallout 4 seeks to emphasize going forward and we for one, love the sound of it.


7. The Sole Survivor Is Not Completely Faceless

In previous Fallout games, despite having your own backstory that spurred your motives, you were always a little faceless. Bethesda made sure to let you know you were the one in control of the character and decided every facet of his being. While it seems they’re maintaining that level of player freedom as far as choice making goes, it also seems that they’re mixing it with a dash of storytelling. Your player now has more personality than ever before. He even has voice acting and a family!

With the story mode kicking off with a brief look into his pre-wasteland life. The Sole Survivor looks to be a mixture of the classic faceless RPG protagonist (that bows to your every command), and a more characterized individual with his own purpose in the world. We just hope he’s good at blowing stuff up.


6. Player Housing Is Now AWESOME

One of the key pieces of Fallout 4 news trumpeted by Bethesda at E3 was the expansive player-housing system in Fallout 4. No, it’s not as it was in the previous installments. These are no mere instanced rooms wherein you store your vast myriad of guns that you can’t be bothered to lug around.

These are fully customizable homes that you choose the location and appearance of. You can even set a defensive perimeter, with a small army of automated turrets. You can now truly have your own little hamlet in the wastes. Then promptly arm it to the teeth and scorch the surrounding area in true Fallout fashion.


5. The Triumphant Return Of Dogmeat

In the trailer, we saw the welcome Fallout 4 news that an old friend, and a true staunch ally throughout the Fallout series, was making a return. Though many long time fans will have guessed it already, it was nice to see full confirmation that Dogmeat would be making his return and marking his territory on the next gen of consoles.

The Fallout games are always packed full of interesting companions with refreshingly diverse backstories. Though many players—and even Bethesda themselves—seem to have preemptively chosen who will be man’s best friend.


4. Mod Compatibility For Consoles

Another weighty and groundbreaking promise is that mods will be compatible on the Xbox One and PS4. Welcome to a Fallout where every other NPC sounds like Macho Man Randy Savage. Or your guns shoot kittens instead of bullets. Mods have long been a selling point for the PC alternative of these games for many players, and now they have a place on consoles.

Whether you aim to make your Fallout completely unrecognizable, or just give it a graphical update, there’s something to be reaped by everyone out of this interesting Fallout 4 news.


3. Power Armor Is More Powerful

Gone are the days when Power Armor was essentially just a separate set of clothing, made different only by a mandatory perk to use them. Now, the iconic Power Armor is a fittingly terrifying, lumbering suit of clunky metal death.

It’s fully customizable part-by-part, capable of limited flight with a jetpack, and enables you to take a swipe from the gnarliest of Deathclaws without batting an eyelid. Power Armor is a different beast than it has ever been before in previous Fallout games. We can’t wait to don our suit and put Optimus to shame.


2. Weapon Customization Is Through The Roof

For those among you that were watching E3 this year during all the Fallout 4 news, and we’re gonna bet there were quite a few, you’ll already be privy to this tidbit; Fallout 4 has taken the concept of weapon customization to its logical extremes.

Expanding on the system placed in New Vegas by Obsidian, Bethesda has brought back weapon modifications on a much grander scale. You now access a workbench which allows you to fine-tune a weapon to your exact demands. Meticulously subbing out parts and pieces like a crazed weaponsmith, changing the weapon in all aspects; its appearance, its function, and even its name.

In a game that prides itself on the immense arsenal of weaponry scattered through its wastes, the ability to shape and mold each and every one of these tools of war to your sadistic desire is very welcome Fallout 4 news.


1. Welcome to Boston

The location is important in Fallout, because the world built around you has been done so with staggering care and detail over the course of many years in a truly impressive way. It has been crafted in a masterfully back-seated fashion. To be short about it, Boston is a land that we haven’t even had the pleasure of treading yet. It’s already one drenched in lore thanks to the attentiveness of the minds behind the Fallout universe.

With many factions already set up and said to exist, according to the latest Fallout 4 news, there’s a lot of pre-established canon Bethesda could play with, and we expect them to do so. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and look up a little more about the Fallout universe’s take on Boston. Better to get familiar with your neighbors so you can more aptly blow them to smithereens, right?

 – – – – – – – -

If all of that epic Fallout 4 news hasn’t quickened your pulse and got your heart beating just a little faster, yearning to take on another post-apocalyptic adventure, frankly, we don’t know what will. However, if you’re more like us, you’re firmly aboard the hype train and chugging at high speeds towards the wastelands of Boston.

Did we cover all the Fallout 4 news you know about so far, or did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below if we glossed over your favorite piece of Fallout 4 news! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time, gamers.