Fallout 4 Features: What’s Been Leaked So Far

We’ve got some awesome leaked Fallout 4 features for you today!

With Fallout 4 arriving tomorrow, fans of the franchise are clamoring for any leaked Fallout 4 features they can get their hands on. We’ve collected the ten best leaked Fallout 4 features here, so you don’t have to scour the internet for them. Warning! This list has spoilers, ten in fact!


Fallout 4 Features: What’s Been Leaked So Far


1. No Hardcore Mode

For those really hardcore wasteland survivors, unfortunately, there is no hardcore mode that affects thirst, hunger and fatigue. Fallout 4 features six different modes in total, ranging from Easy to Survival. We’re not sure why Bethesda left out a Hardcore mode, but you could be certain it won’t take modders very long to add this function into the game.


2. Limited Power Armor Usage

As awesome as your Power Armor is, you won’t be able to use it without a Fusion Core and the core has charges that deplete and run out. Thankfully, while you’re roaming the wasteland, you won’t need to take your Power Armor off when you enter buildings. But you will be much slower, despite being able to sprint and jump while in your power armor, so you won’t be too slow.


3. Powered By Ghoul Juice – A New Damage Type

Fallout 4 features a new way to kill your enemies that’s a little more cruel than usual. Now in Fallout 4, you’ll be able to deal a new type of weapon damage: Radiation. I wonder if it will also affect you?


4. Skyrim-like Stealth

If you’ve played a lot of Skyrim and you used the stealth mechanic frequently, you’ll be good to go in Fallout 4. The stealth mode works very similar, but has been improved. For those looking to be a stealth ninja, Fallout 4 features a ton of awesome perks related to stealth and theft.


5. Character Facial Modification

Were you hoping to be a 7 feet tall brooding wastelander? Or perhaps a 4 feet tall stealth ninja? Unfortunately you can’t choose your height in character creation, but you can modify the body type.


6. Progressive Dialogue With Options

While speaking to NPC’s, you can choose between an aggressive or diplomatic approach. Once you choose an approach, you cannot go back to attempt a new option if it doesn’t work out for you. I personally really like this style of progressive dialogue, as it’s more realistic.

So if you want to be able to solve things diplomatically, you will want to invest more perk points into Charisma as they play a key role in resolving any issues. Additionally, some dialogue options will be coloured in red, orange, or green. Indicating whether you fail, gamble, or guarantee a pass.


7. Hassle-Free Duck And Cover

If enemies are firing at you and you need to take cover, you won’t have to press any buttons to cover. You simply walk towards an object, whether it’s a car or building and you’ll be covered. When you aim, you’ll expose yourself and be able to shoot down your enemies.


8. No Weapon Repairing

Fallout 4 features no weapon conditioning! You’ll no longer need to continue repairing your weapons! For some it could be a bit of a pain in the ass. Although for some fans, they might feel left out as it will take away from the realism.


9. Some Skill Required

If you want to pick locks for some extra loot, you’ll need the lock picking skills to do so. Unfortunately, it will not be similar to Skyrim. Having the option to be a complete noob and attempt a max difficulty lock.


10. Protect Your Settlements!

If your settlement is under attack, you will receive a notification to warn you. You will need to run back to help them. Because if you don’t, you not only risk people dying, but people leaving your settlement in search for a new option.

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So how excited are you for the release of Fallout 4? If you’re still reading, excited enough to not care about the spoilers listed above! Let us know what you’re most excited for in Fallout 4 in the comments below. If you get some time, stop by the Youtube channel and be sure to subscribe for more content!