What do you think of when you hear the word eSports? Tryhards, pros, competitive play, gaming careers, and more probably – but why is eSports so distinctly popular? I remember in high school (not that long ago, I can assure you) that the biggest thing in competitive gaming was Counter-Strike (1.5 and below) and that all I ever wanted was to be on a big bad CAL team. I remember UT2k4 being ‘OMGTHEBESTTHEREEVERWASFORLANPARTIES’ and Quake Con was the next best thing since sliced bread.

“Everyone knows we live in a specific place in time where

we have an entire world at our fingertips…”

don’t remember following certain teams or players, though – how was that really even possible? YouTube was just taking ground and Twitch hadn’t even been conceived at this point. Everyone knows we live in a specific place in time where we have an entire world at our fingertips – and I’m just talking about gaming, here, not just Wikipedia! YouTube has now become the place for gaming organizations to sound off and exhibit their prowess and humanity – and what better partner than TGN, one of the top networks for gamers and eSports?

“Why does TGN focus so much on eSports?”

The evolution of eSports genres (from FPS to RTS to MOBAs) is something that will evolve over time – teams vs individuals, game types, platforms, etc. just like it has in the ten years since I was introduced to it (when DOTA was just a weird WC3 custom map/mod) and now it’s successor is pulling in tournaments with over two million dollars in prizes – fueled by the community.

Why does TGN focus so much on eSports? Because duh! We are gamers. There are casuals, amateurs, professionals, hardcores, but all are gamers. Wherever the gaming community pushes eSports next, TGN will be there bringing you the best network of eSports organizations and teams that exist.

So here is my question to the readers: what was the first competitive game you really remember following?

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