E3 2015 – TGN Partners Have Got The Coverage

E3 just finished up last week and TGN sent some of our awesome TGN Partners to cover this most epic of gaming expos.  If you missed anything from E3, join these TGN Partners for your re-cap coverage about major announcements and information!


Press Conferences (in chronological order):

Bethesda Struts its Stuff

Bethesda kicked off their very first E3 press conference with some major pretty games, much to the delight of gamers everywhere! TGN Partner Globku takes us through the top 5 announcements from Bethesda at their 2015 E3 press conference.

Microsoft Makes Waves

Microsoft brought their “A-game” to E3 this year, dropping several new, and console exclusive, games for their fans. TGN Partner Moxness covers the top 5 announcements from Microsoft’s 2015 E3 press conference.

EA Gets In the Games

EA focused quite a bit on their upcoming sports franchises, but had plenty of time to hype other releases as well! Check out TGN Partner Moxness‘ Top 5 video, where he covers the Top 5 announcements from EA’s E3 press conference.

Ubisoft’s Uber Conference

TGN Partner Globku‘s got your Ubisoft information right here. Ubisoft dropped several awesome game announcements on us this E3 press conference, and you’re gonna want to check this video out if you happened to miss them!

Sony Shocks Everyone

There are those who say that jaws are still hanging, even to this day, because of Sony’s E3 press conference announcements. TGN Partner Globku counts down the Top 5 Sony announcements, but boy was it hard to pick.

Nintendo Celebrates History

Everyone was waiting to see what Nintendo would bring to their E3 press conference this year, and they did not disappoint! If you missed it, you’re in luck – TGN Partner Moxness has got your expert coverage of the top 5 announcements right here.


TGN Partner Hands-on Experiences:

Horizon: Zero Dawn

TGN Partner Rurikhan attended an exclusive press demo, showcasing this awesome game. He, and TGN Partner Globku, bring you this in-depth look at the robot dinosaur hunter that is Horizon: Zero Dawn.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky from Hello Games was showcased at E3 2015, and TGN Partner Rurikhan got the chance to attend an exclusive press demo. He and TGN Partner Globku bring you an insider E3 look at some of the impressive features of No Man’s Sky.

Star Wars Battlefront

TGN Partner Rurikhan got the chance to get some hands on time with this game. Join him and TGN Partner Globku, as they bring you an insider E3 look at some of the impressive and nostalgia-inducing gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront.

Project Morpheus

TGN Partner Rurikhan and TGN Partner Globku bring you an insider E3 look at some of the improvements to the Morpheus, as well as a review of how virtual reality game play feels on Project Morpheus.



We hope that you have enjoyed our partners E3 coverage! Who do you think won E3? Let us know in the comments below, or on our “Who won E3?” video – hosted by TGN Partner Moxness!