Breaking into the Game, Zelda Style

Scraaaaaaaaagg! Hyah! There’s something iconic about Link’s voice that makes him so loveable as a character.  In the The Legend of Zelda games, we don’t get to hear Link actually talk–which has almost always been an unbroken rule except in the cases of short phrases like “come on.”  I always liked this choice, as it allows us to more easily place ourselves inside of Link and role play as him.  I mean, come on, who hasn’t wielded a Wii-mote like the Master Sword and made the “Link battlecry” while cutting down enemies? Huh hee hwwwaaah!


Let’s be real here.  You aren’t a gamer if you haven’t played a Zelda game. There. I said it.  As one of the most classic game franchises to continue into production today–knowing and understanding Zelda means knowing and understanding gaming itself.


So how did we break into this game? With a fond memory of mercilessly slashing Cuccos over, and over, and over, and over again in Kakariko village.  Such a rosy memory…

#BreakIntoTheGame – Zelda Style


We hope you’re still breaking into your game.  Let us know how that’s going–and maybe win something for once!  Seriously, wouldn’t that be nice?


Breaking into the Game, Zelda Style