Breaking into the Game, Minecraft Style

Well, we’ve made it.  It’s been a long journey, but we’re down to the very last #BreakIntoTheGame video, and it just seems fitting that we’re diving deep into Minecraft with it.

So many TGN partners–hell, so many gaming YouTubers in general – have built giant success off of Mojang’s little big indie title.  Minecraft seemed to perfectly capture that essence of creativity, cooperation, and achievement akin only to what some of us used to find in building with Legos.

So how did we break into the game with Minecraft?  Well, we had a particular musical number in our heads about “little piggies” and we couldn’t help but try and blow that up.  TNT style.  HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT LITTLE PIGGY?

#BreakIntoTheGame – Minecraft Style

There are so many of you Minecrafters out there, so we want to know: how do you break into your Minecraft? Is it with the official TGN Pixelmon server? Or how about with some extra cash to build your own with our #BreakIntoTheGame giveaway?  You’ve definitely got some sweet options, that’s for sure.


Breaking into the Game, Minecraft Style