Blizzard Games: Their Most Evil Characters

Blizzard games have some truly evil characters.

Blizzcon has arrived and we wanted to take a look at the most evil characters we’ve seen throughout Blizzard games. Who caused the most destruction? The most horrific acts? Who has the worst code of ethics and prizes their own personal gain above all others? Be prepared for some dark deeds, because this is our list of the top ten most evil characters from Blizzard games.


Blizzard Games: Their Most Evil Characters


10. Zoltun Kulle

Zoltun Kulle from Diablo is one of those “ends justify the means” kind of evil dudes. Possessing titles like: Murderer, Torturer, and even Monster, bestowed upon him by his fellow Horadrim, you can see how Kulle may not be the nicest guy around. It was upon his idea of creating the Black Soulstone that Kulle really starting to slip downwards into darkness.

To create the stone, he would perform torturous experiments on unwilling participants. Draining their blood in hopes of distilling the Nephalem Essence. Ultimately, Kulle desired power and thankfully, he was so self-absorbed in this pursuit or else who knows how many countless others might have died.


9. The Lich King, Arthas/Ner’Zhul (Ner’Zhul raised Anub’arak)

The Lich King from Warcraft comes in at number nine. This guy’s got a history in Blizzard games. Initially created by the demon lord Kil’jaeden from the spirit of the orcish shaman Ner’Zhul. The Lich King was to command the Undead Scourge in order to weaken the defenses of Azeroth in preparation for the true force, the demonic Burning Legion.

The Lich King defeated the spider race known as the Nerubians and really stepped it up a notch when Ner’Zhul betrayed his creator and merged the Lich King with Arthas Menethil. Leading an attack against Arthas’ own kingdom of Lordaeron.

Oh, did we mention Arthas killed his own father? Now it can kind of get confusing on who’s who, with Arthas, Ner’Zhul, the Lich King. All in all, we think you get the gist of just how evil this combination is from the Blizzard games.


8. Arcturus Mengsk

Similar to Kulle, Arcturus Mengsk, of Starcraft is of an evil nature. He took any measures necessary to advance himself, playing with the lives of others like pawns in a chess game. He sent Tychus Findlay to assassinate Sarah Kerrigan, knowing full well that his son was also planning an attack on The Queen of Blades.

Thus, if he succeeded, Mengsk and his Dominion could take over the planet of Char. However, if Tychus failed, he could blame his treacherous son and the “lawless terrorist” Jim Raynor. It was revealed by Raynor that Mengsk was the one who caused the zerg infestation of the planet Tarsonis in the first place, but even that didn’t stop the manipulative Mengsk from losing his grip as emperor of the Dominion. Spoiler alert, at least he gets his comeuppance in the end!


7. Deathwing

If Deathwing the Destroyer ranks number seven on this evil characters from Blizzard games list, you can see the level of evil that is yet to come. This leader of the Black Dragonflight was driven mad by the Old Gods and decided to take out his anger on, well pretty much everyone.

He enslaved Alexstrasza, he took on human form in order to sabotage the Alliance from within, then he brought about the Sundering and sought to burn all of Azeroth. Smaug would do well to take notes.


6. Archimonde (ark-i-mond)

Archimonde the Defiler is the Left Hand of Sargeras, creator of the Burning Legion. When Sargeras offered Archimonde power, Archimonde lept at the opportunity, eager to unleash bloodshed and destruction by leading hordes of demons through the well of eternity.

Archimonde single-handedly destroyed the city of Dalaran and was instrumental in orchestrating the death of the woodland demigod Cenarius. Archimonde is the typical brutal leader. Killing enemy, underling and messenger alike when his short fuse reaches its end. If only he wasn’t so arrogant, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten himself blown up by a bunch of wisps in later Blizzard games.


5. Amon (Dark Voice, Fallen One)

Beginning the bottom half of our trek into the vast well of evil that Blizzard games can tap, comes Amon the Dark Voice from Starcraft. With an endgame of bringing all life to an end, it’s easy to see why he made this evil characters from Blizzard games list.

It is this Xel’Naga that had a hand instilling within the Zerg overmind, the directive to kill all the Protoss so that once they were destroyed, he would then destroy the zerg and create life anew modeled after none other than himself.


4. Kil’Jaeden The Deceiver

At number four on this evil characters from Blizzard games list, we have the Right Hand of Sargeras. Kil’Jaeden the Deceiver, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion, and in fact – acting leader of the Burning Legion. Kil’Jaeden tricked the orc-shaman Ner’Zhul into a demonic pact, then sealed the shaman’s fate by using his soul to create the Lich King.

He also manipulated the orcish warlock Gul’dan to his own means, convincing his orc brethren to drink the corrupting blood of the pit lord Mannoroth, resulting in an insatiable bloodlust. Additionally, nearly eradicating the remnants of a race known as the Draenei (Dran-eye). It’s the ability to deceive and manipulate, so effectively that makes Kil’Jaeden a truly terrifying force of evil.


3. Sargeras

We’ve talked about The Lich King, Archimonde, Kil’Jaeden, and now finally we have the head of snake, Sargeras himself. Initially, Sargeras was a guardian and protector of the mighty titans. But oh how the mighty fall in Blizzard games!

Upon his creation, Sargeras couldn’t even conceive of pure evil. Then before you know it, he’s corrupted by demons and recruiting the darkest races of the universe to join his army of the Burning Legion. Now we’ve already gone over the horrors that the Burning Legion inflicted upon Azeroth and Draenor, all of which is at the behest of Sargeras. Which is why Sargeras gets the number three spot on this evil characters from Blizzard games list.


2. Diablo

Ah, pure terror. No ulterior motives, no chance of redemption. As One of the Great Evils and the name of an entire Blizzard games franchise, Diablo had to feature on this list! Sure he might not be as interesting as some of the other villains in this evil characters from Blizzard games list, or even within the Diablo series itself, but that’s cause he’s just pure evil.

It’s not even enough for him to be a Prime Evil and rule over the Realm of Terror. No, Diablo had to turn on his fellow evils during the Eternal Conflict so that he could rule Heaven and Hell by himself!

Later after his defeat, he orchestrates his rise to power again by becoming Tathamet reborn, The Prime Evil. How does he do it? By impregnating a witch and then using his spawned daughter as a vessel. Say one thing about Diablo, he’s a demon with a plan, a terrifying plan!


1. Gul’dan

Capping this evil characters from Blizzard games list at number one is the orc warlock Gul’Dan. Sure his exploits may not be as grandiose or world-destroying as some of the others in this list. However, he was manipulated by other evil forces such as Sargeras and Kil’Jaeden, all for power.

It’s Gul’dan’s sheer, selfish desire for power that makes it so difficult to figure out what lengths he will go to for it. It’s also why we believe he’s the most evil. He first betrays his mentor Ner’Zhul, then his own people, leading to their demonic enslavement at the hands of Kil’Jaeden. Then he betrays Kil’Jaeden by seeking the power of Sargeras.

Even in an alternate timeline, Gul’dan betrays his people and tries to summon Archimonde to defeat the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde. Where others from Blizzard games, like Diablo, are created evil, or demons like Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde are tempted by power, Gul’dan chooses his path.

It seems to us, that Gul’dan chooses the path of evil, willingly and knowing full well the consequences. Also believing that he will be able to change the outcome for his own gain. The other reason for placing Gul’dan at the end of this evil characters from Blizzard games list, is that he was eventually destroyed by the very evil demons he sought to control. They took his skull and turned it into an item of demonic power. Us? We would of probably melted a candle on it and used it as a really cool paperweight.

 – – – – – – – -

As often as the path of evil usually ends terribly, it can be hard to resist. Especially with some of the killer titles these guys get. Diablo, Destroyer of Souls; Amon the Dark Voice, Zoltun Kulle: Murderer, Torturer, Monster. Well, they can’t all be winners.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this list! Now there’s one particular name we left off and that’s Illidan Stormrage. Does he deserve a spot over others? Or is he not truly evil enough at heart? Let us know in the comments and tell us who your favorite evil Blizzard characters are!

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