Best YouTube Webcams – TGN’s Top 5

This week’s post, TGN Partners, is all about the best Youtube webcams for content creators.

Some YouTubers are fine without facecams, and flit about their merry game worlds with nary a concern for how they look on camera. Then there are the jumpscares, the shocked open mouths, and general wide-eyed surprised faces that those of us who watch YouTube videos love to witness. This post is for you, lovers of reactions, as we’ve put together a list of the best YouTube webcams for our TGN Partners.

This list of best YouTube webcams is not in any particular order, so be sure to see which one is right for you and your channel’s content.


Genius WideCam F100

This webcam is actually pretty good for the cost, so we’re going to start with this one on our best YouTube webcams list. The Genius WideCam F100 is great for YouTubers looking to capture good quality video, without having to shell out big bucks for it. This webcam can record in 1080p, but only at 30 fps, so if you’re looking for 1080p at 60fps, you’re going to need to keep reading.


Best YouTube Webcams   TGNs Top 5
Full 1080p may be a stretch, but it’s still got some bang for its buck!


This webcam has some neat extra features, but users complain that it’s really only good for wide-angle, and that they sometimes experience stuttering when recording in the higher fps ranges. Still pretty awesome if you’re looking for something on the cheap, and only need to stream your face in 720p and 30fps.


Logitech HD C615

You cannot beat this webcam for the price. While not the best of the best YouTube webcams, this one shines in its affordability and excellent features. You get a crisp 1080p picture, however, the 1080p recording is a bit choppy, so once again its best to drop it down to 720p just to be safe. It’s got a high level of adjustability, so you can go widescreen or standard, though the standard is recommended for maintaining 30fps.


Best YouTube Webcams   TGNs Top 5
The rubber flippers help it grip onto any monitor.


This webcam also travels extremely well, which is good for Youtubers who like to head off to conventions and record video with your facecam. Users also praise the audio quality of the microphone, so it can be a decent mic in a pinch, as well. It’s a versatile little webcam for half the cost of many others in its field.


HP HD 4310

Easily one of the best YouTube webcams, this webcam is an excellent value, as it offers high quality 1080p video and image resolutions, as well as easy plug and play functionality with no drivers or programs to install. It will adjust for light and dark, has an auto focus so it will follow your face as you move during your videos.


Best YouTube Webcams   TGNs Top 5
The swivel in the head makes this an excellent panning camera as well.


It is extremely versatile, and has several rubber flippers so that it can grip your monitor and stay stationary. The only drawback that users report is that the lens is actually made of plastic, instead of the traditional glass, and the plastic is easier to scratch. This can end with fuzzy or distorted pictures and recording, so we do not recommend travelling with it for fear of scratching it. Besides that, this webcam is a great purchase.


Brother NW-1000

This one you need to buy on sale, because it’s retail is ridiculous (!!$169.99!!). But, if you can get it on sale, this is definitely one of the best YouTube webcams for any YouTuber looking to up his video game. You’ll get amazingly crisp full 1080p HD video resolution at up to 30 fps, and it has a 8MP lens that you can take beautiful screenshots with. It is also plug and play for both Windows and Mac.


Best YouTube Webcams   TGNs Top 5
While we can’t recommend paying full price, on sale this camera is a steal.



The real drawbacks with this camera are the lack of light correction features, as well as a lack of face tracking technology. This webcam does have a pretty sick mic though, with built in dual-microphones and noise reduction, so if you’re looking for a mic and a webcam, this could be a good pick for you as well.


Logitech HD Pro C920

Oh yes, the best of the best YouTube webcams. This baby’s got everything a streamer/Youtuber could ever want and more – so much so that it’s pretty much considered the gold standard for content creators. The Logitech HD Pro C920 gives users full 1080p video recording, faster encoding software for crisper video, auto-focus, light correction, and a whole slew of other features.


Best YouTube Webcams   TGNs Top 5
This is the cream of the crop right here. Buy this one if you can.


The only real complaint anyone ever has about this camera is the lack of swivel. That’s it. Everything else is perfect about this webcam. It honestly is the best investment for your channel, even more so if you can get it on sale on Amazon.

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And that’s our best YouTube webcams list, with our personal choice, being that awesome Logitech webcam that practically everyone uses. Thanks for reading about our best YouTube webcams, and be sure to let us know if we forgot one of your best YouTube webcams in the comments below. Have a good one gamers!