Best Video Game Conventions For YouTube Gamers

It can be hard to figure out the best video game conventions for a YouTube gamer to attend. There are so many out there now, so it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which ones to attend and which ones to skip over. YouTube gamers want to focus on conventions where they can network, but also get their hands on exclusive gaming titles and sneak-peeks for their channel.

That’s where we come in, with our top 5 list of the best video game conventions gaming YouTubers should attend. Now, before we get started, this is obviously a list for North American YouTubers, and these are conventions – not conferences. Those are a completely different type of event and will be covered in next week’s post.


5. Gamescom

I know, this one’s in Germany and it’s not in North America, so why is it on this best video game conventions list? Because the sheer size of this convention warrants attendance. If you can manage to get tickets and get across the pond, you’re in for the most amazing experience of a lifetime.


Gamescom would be number one on a

European best video game conventions list,

and it would be number one on this best video game conventions list too

if it wasn’t so gosh darn far away.


With a massive amount of game companies coming out to showcase their latest and upcoming games, you will have plenty of content, sneak-peeks, and interviews to keep your fans happy while you are away. You can schedule first looks and hands-on demos with the representing companies, and even catch a few high ranking executives at the local Doner stand during the show. Just try to keep your cool, okay?


4. Dragoncon

This video game convention is more about the celebration of the entire gaming culture, from tabletop and card games to video games to everything in between, including cosplay! You will get an incredible amount of amazing cosplay shots of your favorite video game characters, as well as footage to share with your fans and followers.


Best Video Game Conventions For YouTube Gamers
More Master Chiefs than you can shake an energy sword at.


You can also meet sci-fi and fantasy celebrities, and many stars from many famous television shows and films make their appearances here. This is a sheer fandom convention, so you may not get as much first-look hands on with video games as you would like, but the sheer amount of star power and good cosplay here will override that.


3. E3

If you can actually get in, as this is more of a trade show than a convention, this is where the big boys in gaming and technology are. This is a convention where you will want to pack your day with interviews, hands-on beta tests, and sneak-peeks from developers.


Trade show means you need to prove you’re in the trade.

With credentials.


But as I’ve said, this one of the toughest, but best video game conventions to get into because the tickets are not on sale to the general public, and they have quite the hefty cost – a whopping $995 USD for 2015’s E3. Once you get in, this is one that can make a channel with all the exclusive access to cutting-edge gaming and technology.


2. PAX (Regionals)

There are several PAXes that take place around the world, and you should be near at least one of them. And we encourage every gamer to get to whichever PAXes they can because they are great networking and exclusive content opportunities. Many video game companies consider PAXes to be a prime spot to let people into betas, sign up for exclusive content, and all sorts of tasty goodies you should want for your channel.

So, depending on where you are in North America, you can get to one of these best video game conventions, as they are very, very good for gaming channels. Tons of collaboration talks take place at PAXes, as well as a sort of “meeting of the minds” of all your favorite YouTube gaming celebrities.


1. PAX Prime

This is the literal mecca of all gamers in North America. Yeah, there are PAXes spread around the world, but this one….this one takes the cake and eats it, too. It’s ginormous, and the sheer level of gamer here is absolutely astounding. Entire floors of convention centers dedicated to one game, giant tabletop and card playing rooms, competitive tournaments, and, if you couldn’t get into E3, all the exclusives those guys got, just a little later.


Best Video Game Conventions For YouTube Gamers
Please bathe daily when you go. Please.


Most companies bring their E3 game to PAX Prime right after, so you can get the hand-on exclusives that E3 goers had access to a month ago, at a far easier and cheaper rate. But, since it is out in Seattle, it’s got a set place. This one can be a little hard to get to is you’re over on the east coast, but if you can swing it, this can be a excellent opportunity for your channel.

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And that’s our best video game conventions list for those of YouTubers who are video game content creators. And, well, you wouldn’t be a TGN Partner unless you loved video games, right?

Next week we’ll be covering the best conferences for our YouTube gamers, as conferences are a bit more about networking, instead of geeking out for your fans. Until next week, gamers!