Best Video Game Conferences For YouTube Gamers

Now that we’ve cleared up the difference between conventions and conferences, it’s about time we listed out top 5 best video game conferences to attend as a YouTuber who creates gaming content. While these best video game conferences might seem like they are more for game developers (and they are), you can still nab yourself some exclusive coverage, an exclusive interview or tidbit of information, or just get to rub elbows with big names in the business.

Getting those business contacts is what conferences are all about, and there are tons of potential gaming industry contacts to make in these best video game conferences. So hop on that plane and head out to some of these best video game conferences.


5. D.I.C.E. Summit

D.I.C.E. stands for Design, Innovate, Communicate & Entertain, and that’s just what the people attending this conference are capable of doing. The only problem with getting into this amazingly schmoozy event is the fact that it costs upwards of $3000 to get in. Dang.


It’s not just game creators at this conference,

it’s all types of media creators including

directors, producers, and media technology leaders.


But if you’ve got the money, you can experience the lovely art of elbow-rubbing with the gaming industry’s elite force of trendsetters. No, seriously, this entire conference is about looking to the future of gaming and technology, and discussing where it goes from here. Huge amount of exclusive information and trade secrets to be learned here.


4. East Coast Gaming Conference (ECGC)

So, this most unique of our best video game conferences is actually different in the sense that it’s not gigantic. Not everyone knows about this conference, or how much networking opportunity it can provide. It’s held in Raleigh, North Carolina, and while that may not seem like much, let me list off the names of the game companies currently with offices there.


This is one of the best video game conferences

because of all the indie studios in Raleigh, NC,

and no one knows about them….yet.


You’ve got Insomiac Games, Red Storm, Epic Games, Mighty Rabbit, Spark Plug Games, Funcom, Imangi Studios, FiveOneNine Games, Atomic Games, and so many more that I can’t even list them all here without it getting ridiculous. There’s actually quite a bit of gamer culture in Raleigh, and ECGC captures it all. You can network with studio developers and game creators here, without having to worry about cutting through a mass of 30,000 anxious fans.


3. Game Developers Conference (GDC)

This is a pretty big one for game developers, but if you’re a gaming YouTuber you may be wondering why you should be interested in going to this one out of all the best video game conferences out there. The sheer amount of interpersonal connections you can make at this event is well worth the cost of your ticket.


Best Video Game Conferences For YouTube Gamers
You see how most of the attendees are wearing collared/buttondown shirts? Professional.


Many game developers, small and large, come here to talk shop and speak about their latest projects. You can get the inside scoop for your fans about their favorite developers’ latest projects, or get a jump start on the next big indie gaming trend. Lots of networking and connections to be made here, so it’s prime pickings for YouTube gamers, if you can make it into the after-parties.


2. TwitchCon

I know, this one seems out of place, but hear me out. Many TwitchCon attendees use Twitch, this is true, but they are still into the live content scene. They must upload their videos to YouTube if they want more exposure, and if you’re looking to break into the world of livestreaming, this is your conference. There’s connections, networking, collaboration opportunities, and so much more here, and only after their first year!

In addition to this, with the recent success of the inaugural TwitchCon, we may yet see a YouTube Gaming conference in the near future. So, who knows, maybe in a year or two this spot will be replaced with a YouTube Gaming conference, or perhaps, the two rivals will get together and create something even bigger.


1. Vidcon

Vidcon is to YouTube content creators what TwitchCon is to livestreamers, and may be why we never see an actual “YouTube Gaming” convention or conference any time soon. This is a huge collection of all the latest and greatest content creators, and they all want to meet and greet their fans, and network with other content creators.


Best Video Game Conferences For YouTube Gamers
As if you needed more convincing, the logo is a giant YouTube play button.


While it may not be specifically catered to YouTube gaming content, the amount of networking here is not to be ignored. Every person who attends this conference is a YouTube content creator, and they’re all looking for collaboration partners. Entire YouTube communities have been created at Vidcon; go and create yours, as well.

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And that wraps up our top 5 list of the best video game conferences for YouTube gaming content creators. Have you been to one, or even all of our best video game conferences? You’ll have to let us know in the comments below!

See you all next week, when we’ll discuss how to create content that can be featured easily, by avoiding some easy to fall into traps with your content.