Best Heroes Of The Storm Plays: Weekly Top 5

Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron submit their best Heroes Of The Storm plays to their supreme overlords.

We’ve got Hengest here, from the TGN Squadron, and he’s ready with the best Heroes Of The Storm plays from our Squadron community. Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron submit their best Heroes Of The Storm plays to their supreme overlords, and each week the best Heroes Of The Storm plays are showcased in all their epic glory.


Best Heroes Of The Storm Plays: Weekly Top 5


Today we’re featuring the best Heroes Of The Storm plays from TGN Squadron. All of these clips have been submitted by the awesome TGN Squadron community. You can submit your TGN Squadron best Heroes Of The Storm plays here!


5. How To Stop A Charging Butcher

We start with the red team’s Zagara, who is trying to force the blue team away so they can turn in some coins, but the blue team’s Butcher comes charging at him, follower by two other members of the blue team. How is he stopped?

By an amazingly placed Devouring Maw, that’s how. The red team’s Zagara drops it on all three players, and all three players are stuck while they just get murdered. Good job, red team Zagara!


4. The Gust Is Mighty

If you couldn’t guess by the title, this one’s all about Falstad and his Mighty Gust. The red team seems to be pressing the advantage, with the red team’s Arthas completely whiffing his Sindragosa. This is where the tide changes, as Falstad come from behind the red team and Mighty Gusts four of the five red team players into a ridiculous wombo combo of disastrous proportions. That was some sweet, sweet justice right there.


3. Dead On Arrival

The red team’s Butcher is just chilling and running through the map, but a lurking blue Abathur will have none of that. The Butcher leaves the mine, only to be absolutely annihilated by the plethora of mines left behind by the enemy Abathur. The red Butcher runs, only to be caught by another one of the enemy Abathur’s mine clusters, and is promptly killed. He didn’t even have to be there for the kill.


2. The King’s Decree

This is the most classic of base races. We’ve got the red team with a Terror, storming the blue team’s base, and the blue team is just trying to defend from the onslaught them long enough for their minions to kill the red team’s base.

It looks like the red team’s about to win, but in come King Leoric with the quadruple Drain Hope and Skeletal Swing. And drain the hope out of the red team he does, for he manages to defend his base and kill all of the red team’s heroes assaulting his base. With 1% health left on his core, the red team topples, as does their nexus shortly after.


1. Mega Tap

Well Triple Tap just wins the day in this play. Literally, the blue team’s Nova almost scores a pentakill with Triple Tap because it just keeps refreshing after each kill. I can’t even describe this one, you just need to watch it for yourself and enjoy.

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Thanks for watching our best Heroes Of The Storm plays, and a special shout out to our awesome TGN Squadron community for providing us with amazing video footage of these best Heroes Of The Storm plays. If you’d like to submit your plays to TGN Squadron for our best Heroes Of The Storm plays list, please check this link. See you next week, heroes!