Awesome Video Game Robots: The Most Memorable

Robots are usually devoid of most emotions and human constructs, such as morals and respect, but occasionally we find mechanical allies who are so full of life and vigor that they embellish themselves in our minds forever. Today, we’re looking at the awesome video game robots of our time, and which ones were the most memorable.


TGN Top 10: Awesome Video Game Robots


10. Metal Sonic (Sonic CD)

First appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Sega CD console, Metal Sonic was a mechanical clone of the original Sonic, programmed and sent back in time by Dr. Robotnik. Metal Sonic is a cruel, cold hearted, and calculated mirror of the original, complete with a terribly overpowering superiority complex.

Robotnik also gives Metal Sonic a sentient side, allowing him to make his own choices. Unfortunately however, his choices are horrific, usually choosing to carry out his own destructive desires.


9. Bomberman (Bomberman)

Bomberman, or Dyna Blaster as he’s known in Europe, is the main character in one of the most commercially successful game franchises of all time. Bomberman is a cheerful character who, quite ironically, has the power to spawn devastating bombs from his hands. As well as this, Bomberman has appeared in his own anime series, most notably the Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden series.


8. Cyrax (Mortal Kombat)

A member of the Lin-Kuel Clan, Cyrax and his comrades underwent a cybernetic transformation. Cyrax’s mission, as one of the more awesome video game robots, was to hunt down the fan-favorite Sub-Zero. Cyrax uses primarily modern weaponry, but his physical prowess is by far enough to deal with the toughest of foes. Cyrax is a force to be reckoned with and definitely deserving of a position on this awesome video game robots countdown.


7. Dog (Half Life 2)

Alyx Vance’s pet, Dog, is a faithful companion who protects Gordon Freeman and Alyx throughout the course of Half Life 2. Dog is extremely loyal, with an overbearing sense of protection being felt for both Alyx and Gordon. Despite this, his attacks are ruthless and damaging when provoked by enemies. Truly a man’s best friend, and one of the best awesome video game robots.


6. R.O.B (Nintendo Peripheral/Smash Bros)

R.O.B wasn’t originally in a game, but rather he played games. R.O.B was a ludicrous way of entering Nintendo into the toy market. We’ve seen some terrible ideas for peripherals in the past, but nothing compares to the ridiculousness of R.O.B – a piece of hardware that was only compatible for two games, Gyromite and Stack Up.

Although the hardware was silly, R.O.B has become a Nintendo icon, with his most famed stints being his appearances in the Super Smash Bros series.


5. Wheatley (Portal 2)

Performed by Stephen Merchant, Wheatley was Portal 2‘s main draw quite early in. In the introduction of the game, Wheatley awakens the player and tries to exercise their mind in order to cure them of their, as he puts himself, “minor case of serious brain damage”. After unsuccessfully attempting to get the player to say the word “apple”, Wheatley drops the player straight into the derelict, eroding Aperture Science facility once again.

Wheatley’s impeccable voice acting and, spoilers, sinister hilarity is what makes the player so drawn to him, and he is undoubtedly one of the biggest, boldest characters from the Portal series. Easily deserving of a spot in this awesome video game robots list.


4. Mega Man (MegaMan)

Before Mega Man’s recent surge in popularity, due to the latest Smash Bros game, Mega Man featured in his own collection of games. Mega Man was originally an assistant to Dr. Light before Light reprogrammed him to battle against the primary antagonist of the original game, Dr. Wily. Mega Man first appeared on the NES in 1987, with the first game being developed by Capcom.

Since then, 10 direct sequels have been produced for the MegaMan series since the original game, though Mega Man has appeared in numerous other IPs such as Smash Bros and Street Fighter x Mega Man.


3. Robo (Chrono Trigger)

Robo was awoken from a 300 year dormancy in the year 2300 AD. Upon his rejuvenation, Robo joins the party with no memories of his previous life. In lieu of this, Robo is extremely curious, with an excitement to learn as much as he can. At first Robo is unable to understand human emotions, and their displays of humanity inspire him to develop sympathy towards mankind.

Robo refrains from the murder of humans, which is a huge contrast in comparison to his fellow robots. Robo was a showcase of how awesome video game robots don’t always need to be cold, emotionless killers and can sometimes be as human as the people that surround them.


2. Claptrap (Borderlands)

“Claptrap” evolves from the archaic term to “babble” or “drivel”, and that’s exactly what Borderland‘s Claptrap does; he rambles, he’s irritating, he goes on and on but we love him. Claptrap is first introduced to us in the original Borderlands, where the players meet him almost instantly at the start of the game. For the remainder of Borderlands, Claptrap keeps making an appearance and somehow he manages to get that tiny bit more irritating each time.

Despite this, we definitely think Claptrap is one of the most memorable, and awesome video game robots of our generation thanks to his simple design, but outrageous personality.


1. GLaDOS (Portal)

Portal is a game of limitations; the walls are sparse, the hints on how to complete puzzles are non-existent, and even the characters are pretty much limited to one on the screen at a time, if that.

But if there’s one character that we wish was in every scene, it would have to be GLaDOS. Her sarcastic narration of the games events is undoubtedly one of the best showcases of comedy within gaming. Never before have we felt more happy being called overweight on multiple occasions. Although we spend our time in game playing as Chell, GLaDOS is the true star of Portal. This is why she is our number one of all the awesome video game robots out there.

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And those are our most awesome video game robots, with the homicidal GLaDOS taking our number one spot. Did your favorite video game robots make this list, or did we leave them off of our awesome video game robots list? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one, gamers.