What is TGN?

&%#$ it, We’re Gamers

We’ve seen some things since TGN started up in 2007. We saw terms like “Geek Culture” get wrongfully tossed around like NPCs in the early days of ragdoll physics. We saw hilarious gaming videos on YouTube get twisted into something called a “Programming Movement” (whatever THAT means). But we also saw a bigger and bigger gap between “gaming” and the millions of Gamers that make up the community we all love to hate, and hate to love.

“Being a Gamer is an identity”

We know there’s a massive difference between gaming, and being a Gamer.

Turn on Wii Golf and tape your Wiimote to the tail of your excitable great dane - and he’s “gaming”. But he’s far from being a Gamer. Being a Gamer is an identity. It’s something we hold sacred. It’s in the spirit behind every “gg”, the giggle behind every unsportsmanlike t-bag, and the guilty satisfaction behind every stacked random pvp group.

So TGN did some soul-searching of its own. It was time for a massive change. YouTube doesn’t need another Gaming Network. It needs a Gamer Network to retake the art of Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, and other digital shenanigans…

“YouTube doesn’t need another Gaming Network. It needs a Gamer Network”

Meet the revamped TGN Gamer Network

Bigger. Faster. Sexier. Most of all, BETTER-ER because ALL the focus is back on you - the Gamer. We’ve got your back with all the support of a big network through BBTV, along with the warm and fuzzy connection to a REAL team and community. More specifically, a real community of GAMERS.

Oh, and by the way - we ate VISO Games… err, combined forces. Yup, and with that we’re now the 2nd largest network in the world for Gamers. So hang out, play your favourite game, and make some videos to be part of the new TGN. Our community is waiting. Help make TGN #1.